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Friday, March 13, 2009

You Have To Watch When...

So I was getting ready for bed last night and flipped on the TV to catch Sportscenter. Instead the UConn vs Syracuse men's basketball game was still going. At this point, it was the second over time game.

I am tired this morning.

You see, I felt this obligation to watch the end of the game. At the 2OT point, anything can really happen. So I stayed up later than intended to watch the finish of the game (which, compared to the previous 7 periods, was fairly anticlimatic).

This all got me thinking this morning: There should be rules to determine what situations mandate watching the rest of a game if you stumble across it inadvertently. Please feel free to add to this as it is a work in progress (in no particular order. perhaps we could rank them after a solid list is formed).

--Any college basketball game involving a top 25 team that is in the 2nd OT or later --MLT
--Any NFL game where the trailing team has the ball and less than 3 minutes to score --MLT
--Any MLB game that goes 11 or more innings --MLT
--Any CFB game where a huge underdog is leading after halftime -- MLT
--Any game where a significant record may be broken --MLT
--Any NBA game where a major star has over 30 points in the first half (LeBron, Kobe, Wade and perhaps Durant and Roy in the future)--MLT
--Any major college rivalry that is either close at the end (1 score in football or 2 possessions in basketball with under 2 minutes to go). --Daniel

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