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Monday, April 27, 2009

Game 3 Prediction

I know it's too late and the ass whooping has already been doled out. But it was my job to put up the game 3 prediction and I got overwhelmed with other things.

Here are things I could not have predicted:

Joe Johnson shooting like Don Johnson
Woody ordering more subs than Jared Fogel.
Jermaine O'Neal re-resurging.
Bibby and Joe having more TOs than Assists.
No player hitting more than 5 field goals for the Hawks.

Overall it was a terrible beating. The only good part is that I had prior plans that precluded me from watching it live and forcing me to promptly delete it from my DVR upon arrival home.

I didn't really think we had a chance of winning the first game in Miami. Friday and Saturday nights lend themselves to the best crowds and combining that with the Miami locale and I figured it would be bonkers at the AAA. I was right in that regard. However, I figured we could feed (like a pro-wrestler) on the noise a little and hang with them. I was wrong in that regard.

I also figured we'd slow down their 3 point shooting a little bit. We did not do that either, to the tune of 52%. You have to keep a team under 35% (in my opinion) to be successful. 52% is just ridiculous. Combine that with 19-19 on FTs and their true shooting % has to be astronomical. I'm too lazy to calculate it, but any time a team hits 47% from the field 52% from 3pt and 100% at the line you can be pretty confident they are going to win.

There isn't much to take away from this game other than that we need to defend the 3 ball, hit more shots, and man up in the post. They seem like simple enough things. We shall see, I guess.

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