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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2004 Offseason and Trades

If you're confused as to why I'm discussing the moves made by the Hawks in 2004, please refer to this article.

Now that the draft is over, it's time to take a look at the roster and see what other moves were made in the offseason. First, let's take a look at the other transactions that were done in 2004.

July 15 Hawks acquire Al Harrington from the Indiana Pacers in exchange for Stephen Jackson. This was a sign and trade transaction. Assuming that Stephen Jackson probably did not want to play for a rebuilding team, and assuming that no other star would want to sign with a rebuilding team, I'm simply going to approve this transaction. Harrington had some good moments with the team.

August 4 - Hawks acquire Antoine Walker and Tony Delk from Dallas in exchange for Jason Terry, Alan Henderson and a future first round pick. I am not a fan of either Delk or Walker. However, I think Terry was getting tired of Atlanta at this point. Plus Terry is a great 6th man, but he was never the go-to guy. On the Mavs team last year, he was the second best scorer, but not the second best player. Trading him for a first so you can take a gamble in the first round with a rebuilding team I think was ultimately the right decision, especially when you factor in the later trade with Antoine Walker, despite the fact he was a good guy.

December 23 - Hawks Acquire Tyronn Lue From Rockets In Exchange For Jon Barry. This trade gets a shrug of the shoulders from me. I'll ok it only because I hate Jon Barry as a commentator. Plus this team needs a PG of some caliber, and no, Boris Diaw does not count.

February 24 - Hawks Acquire Gary Payton, Tom Gugliotta, Michael Stewart and a Future First Round Pick From Boston In Exchange For Antoine Walker. The Hawks immediately bought out Payton so this was essentially Antoine Walker for a first round pick, to which I reply, "YES PLEASE!" I don't even care that this pick was not in the lottery. So, to be fair to Billy Knight, the Hawks received two first rounders for Jason Terry, which isn't a bad haul.

Finally, let's take a look at the free agent signings for the Hawks. Considering the full-on rebuilding mode the Hawks are in during the 2004 offseason, it is safe to say that the Hawks are not attracting any marquee free agents. However, there is one change I would make. Both Jason Collier and Joel Przybilla were free agents the summer of 2004, and were both on the Hawks roster the year before. Due to the tragic events surrounding Collier, I'm making the decision to resign Przybilla and not Collier.

Next post I'm looking at the new roster for the 2004-05 Atlanta Hawks and discussing the results of said roster.

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