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Monday, September 10, 2007

The Beginning

I've been coaxed to post my rantings and thoughts on sports here.
My disclaimers:
(1) I'll stick to mostly Atlanta sports. I'm a fanatic of the Dawgs, Braves, Falcons, and Hawks.
(2) I'll post on other sports topics as I find them interesting.
(3) I'll be irreverent at times. I'll try not to be offensive--and I'll fail.
(4) I'll try to respond to comments. But only logical and intelligent ones.
(5) If you have a good idea of a topic for me to cover, let me know. If I find it interesting, I'll do it.

new posts to come soon, I think...


Daniel said...

This blog sucks and I hate the writer! All Atlanta sports suck! Philly is awesome!


MLT said...

Philly is indeed awesome. So awesome that they have no college football team, their NFL team lost to Green Bay, their NBA team has a bootleg version of their former star, and their MLB team is most notorious for "biggest collapse" at the end of a season.

But Reading Terminal is the shit. thinking about it makes me hungry (then again, most activities make me hungry).