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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Braves Haikus

This season was toast
long before they cleated up
damn you, Mike Hampton!

Starts three, four, and five
each week are sold on Ebay.
At least, it looks it.

Harris remembered
that he is actually
just Willie Harris.

Frenchie takes a walk?
Too bad Andruw "hits" behind
One more left on base.

Hitting three fifty?
Diaz sits versus righties?
I got your platoon!

"Utility" means
Sucking all over the field
Thank you, Chris Woodward.

Bye, Renteria.
A younger version of you:
Yunel Escobar.

For Kelly Johnson
I have nothing bad to say,
pretty eyelashes.

Injuries slow Mac
Third year in a row, he is
Second-half monster.

A lot of vowels
Saltalamacchia gone,
Teixiera's a stud.

A full year of Chip?
No longer made of Balsa.
Still not quite enough.

Wickman's mouth too big
talked and ate his way off mound
And out of the south.

1 comment:

Wade said...

Awesome, man. My favorites: Renteria/Escobar and Francoeur/Jones. Deadly accurate.