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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Teixeira sweepstakes

Finally (and unfortunately possibly too late) the Braves have admitted what the rest of the league has known for some time: This season just isn't meant to be. Which means that Wren & Co. have begun the Teixeira sweepstakes.

Now it's widely known that if we keep him and he leaves via Free Agency we'd get 2 draft picks (a 1st and a sandwhich between the first and second round). So the Braves' arguement (and I agree) is that if we are trading him anywhere, we have to get *at least* 2 top prospects. After all, whichever team trades for him would get those picks when he departs after the season.

The best "fit" would be Arizona. They are unwilling to give up Conor Jackson (who should be the key cog in the deal for the Braves). They would rather give back Chad Tracey (a decent player but not someone young enough to control for a while and realistically we know his ceiling). The D-Bags. I mean D-Backs, point to Conor's superior OPS as reason not to trade for Tex. What the Braves SHOULD be replying to them is: "yeah, that's for the first half. Tex always blows up in the second half and we both know it." There's not a GM in the league that wouldn't give up two Conor Jackson's for a Tex second half. Arizona is also seeking some bullpen help. The best fit for both teams might be more of a blockbuster trade along the lines of: Tex, Ohman, and JoJo Reyes for Conor Jackson, Micah Owings, and 2 other minor leaguers. The D-Backs get a solid LHP for the pen, a stud 1B for the stretch run, and a possible future starter (not to mention the 3-4 draft picks they get when Tex and Ohman leave via F.A.) and the Braves get a solid firstbaseman for the future, a #3 starter and some developmental pieces.

That probably makes too much sense. We'll probably settle for Chad Tracey or some package of junk. I hope we don't. I'd rather just take our 2 picks and move on than settle for the pu-pu platter.

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