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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Too Early To Evaluate

But I enjoy a bit of hyperbole from time to time.

Comrade Dmitroff = Genius

Below is a 2008 draft summary for the Falcons with some comments by me. Before that, I'd like to note that pundits were basically wetting themselves after the Giants got contributions from just about their entire draft class of 2007 during last year's super bowl run. Perhaps the Falcons should go ahead and start covering their furniture with plastic? I hope so...

1st Round (No. 3 overall)
QB Matt Ryan (Boston College)

Not really much to be said that hasn't been said already. Being a Falcons fan my entire life, I've never "watched a QB grow" or even knew what that meant. The change in Matt is appreciable and noticeable on a week to week basis and it really excites me to think what can be accomplished down the road as long as he stays healthy and we surround him with quality players.

1st Round (No. 21 overall)+
T Sam Baker (USC)

Was having a stellar season at LT until injuries derailed him. A couple of concussions and a busted hip have kept him out half the season. Hopefully he'll be back because the inability to run behind Weiner could be a real weakness against good defenses. Good thing there is only one of those left on the schedule.

2nd Round (No. 37 overall)
LB Curtis Lofton (Oklahoma)

If Ryan is "Matty Ice", I vote for calling Lofton "The Beast". We can have an all crappy beer nicknamed team. Not sure who gets to be called Schlitz, OE, and/or PBR. Lofton is a pretty sure tackler and doesn't seem to get out of position on many occassions. We haven't seen much of his pass rush ability as we tend to send OKB (Old Keith Brooking) on blitzes for some reason. Continued development should make him and Boley and impressive force.

3rd Round (No. 68 overall)
CB Chevis Jackson (LSU)

Corners typically develop slowly as the athleticism advantage they once had in college is gone and they have to learn how to cover. That said, Jackson has been solid in nickel and dime situations and I have rarely seen him burnt deep (DHalled as I like to call it).

3rd Round (No. 84 overall)#
WR Harry Douglas (Louisville)

He and Jenkins are the perfect complements to Rowdy Roddy White. Roddy is the "guy" defenses have to key on. Jenkins makes the tough catches and can go up for the ball. And Harry Douglas is the squirrely guy that gets open and squirts for extra yards when you need him to. Combine that with punt return ability and creative use in the run game and he can be a game changer.

3rd Round (No. 98 overall)~
S Thomas DeCoud (California)

With the surprising (to me) play of Erik Coleman, we haven't gotten to see much of DeCoud. He made big plays on special teams last week and I have no doubt he is learning a lot under the tutelage of Lawyer Milloy.

5th Round (No. 138 overall)
LB Robert James (Arizona State)

I haven't seen or heard from this guy all year. I'm too lazy to check the Falcons roster. Our first miss. And it's in the 5th round. I'm okay with that.

5th Round (No. 154 overall)%
DE Kroy Bierman (Montana)

Has been part of the regular rotation at DE all season and has gotten QB pressure on numerous occassions. A situational pass rusher, but it gives Abraham a breather and that's a great thing.

6th Round (No. 172 overall)
RB Thomas Brown (Georgia)

Blew out his knee in pre-season. I still have high hopes for him as a replacement for Norwood when Norwood moves on (which he will) to a starting job. Can excel as a 3rd down back and a receiver and return punts and kicks.

7th Round (No. 212 overall)
CB Wilrey Fontenot (Arizona)

Not on the active roster. How dare you screw up our 7th round pick, GM!

7th Round (No. 232 overall)
TE Keith Zinger (LSU)

I am convinced we drafted him for name only.


When you pick at the top of the draft you have to make the most out of it. Getting a pro-bowl caliber QB, a starting LT, LB, WR and depth at CB, DE, and S is about as much as you can ask of a new GM coming in to a horrible mess.


Daniel said...

Can we honorarily give Morten Anderson the title of OE even though he's Danish?

MLT said...

I was thinking Finneran. Because it sounds brittish. Maybe if his name was Brian Cottingswald Finneran.

Maybe Norwood could be Schlitz. As in "Norwood really gave that Carolina defender the Schlitz"

Joe Friday said...

No doubt the draft owned, but I still say the Turner signing was the best and BALLSIEST move of 'em all.