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Thursday, December 4, 2008

What I Love Best About This Year's Hawks

Ball Movement. And no, that's not a joke about the maturation of the Hawks. I mean there seem to be fewer and fewer instances of the give it to Joe and get out of the way offense. No offense to Joe, but that's not the most efficient offense if the other team knows how to play defense at all.

Let's take last night's game for instance. All of the starters had at least 4 assists, led by Bibby's 10. On 40 made field goals, the Hawks assisted on 33 of them (82.5%). Granted this was against the Grizzlies, and the Hawks (and by the Hawks I mean Woody) tend to curl up in the fetal position offensively and just try to cram Joe down the other teams throat when the score is close late in the game, but it's just nice to see the ball swing around the perimeter to find an open shooter in the corner. It's such a simple thing, but it's so beautiful since I haven't seen the Hawks consistently do it in so many years.

Just watch the highlights from last night and go to the 1:12 mark. It's just beautiful.

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daniel said...


just stumbled upon your site. and i enjoyed it.

i've recently gotten back into writing, focusing mainly on sports, specifically the falcons.

most of my work in the beginning was done on bleacher report. not sure if you're familiar with it. it's a fun site.

i recently came on board with to be the falcons examiner here in atlanta. it sounds more glamorous than it really is.

anyway, i just linked your site up to my examiner page. if you find the page compelling enough, i'd love to be included in your falcons links.

let me know what you think.