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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Why The Javier Freak Out

Reports today indicate that the Braves made their first big deal of the offseason coming to terms with the Chicago White Sox on a trade for RHP Javier Vazquez.

I've been browsing comments on all the fan blogs and websites and the overwhelming sentiment is that we gave up too much. To which I respond: huh?

Here is what we get:
A pitcher with a career .500 record a slightly below league average ERA who tosses just under 1K/IP and about 2BB/GS. A pitcher still reasonably young (32) who has started 32 games and thrown 200 Innings every year for the last decade without any history of injuries. A pitcher who has pitched well at Turner Field in his career and could thrive under a less pressuring manager than Ozzie Guillen (that is to say, anyone else).

Here is what we give up:
An A-Ball Catcher who hit the hell out of the ball in the AFL but struggles behind the plate.
A middle infielder who looked (like he is 11) way over his head at the ML level.
A LHP who was so terribly inconsistent that it didn't look like he would ever "figure it out" (Kyle Davies redux).
A throw in low A LHP who no one knew anything about.

So in essence we get 2 years of 200 IP with a league average ERA for 11 million per year and we give up nothing that would have started for our ball club the next 2 years. Additionally, none of the prospects for this deal were keys in a deal for Peavy. Not that I want to blow up our minor leagues to get him, but if Wren decides to do so he still has that option.

I, for one, am happy with a deal. It's a typical trade from strength to shore up a weakness and we do so without giving up anything more than true "prospects".

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