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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Inside Woodson's Mind

The last week has been a very difficult time for the coach of the Hawks, Mike Woodson. He had to coach three games without his heart, his soul, his Joe. How did Woodson cope with this loss? Well he did like any of us would, and went into complete and utter denial... at least I imagine he did. Let's take a peak into what it was like:

(In the locker room before the Minnesota game)

Woody: Alright guys just remember to not mess up on anything, even things I haven't bothered to coach you on, or I will glare at you slack-jawed. And remember what I've been preaching recently, you've got to start slowly in these games. The first half is really just about warming up and making sure no one pulls anything. And always remember the number 1 rule on offense: Pass it to Joe and get out of the way.

Marvin: But coach, isn't Joe sick in Atlanta?

Woody: If there are no questions, let's get out there.

(later in the game Woody talks to Marvin on the bench)

Woody: Joe, you've gotten your 2 minutes of rest in, I need you to get back out there and carry the team on your shoulders. Lord knows Marvin can't even stop crapping his shorts.

Marvin: Uhh... coach?

Woody: Get back in there Joe, we've got to get you on the all-star team!


Horrible? Yeah, I thought so. But not as horrible as the quote highlighted over on Peachtree Hoops. Nice picture choice Drew.

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Daniel said...

Coach: So we inbound the ball, and then what?
Player: Pass it to Will?
Coach: Yes, exactly. And after we get any rebounds, what do we do?
Carlton: I look for the shot?
Coach: No, you pass it to Will.