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Monday, February 16, 2009

Junior, the Sr. Version

Rumors have noisened over the past couple of days about the possible addition of Ken Griffey, Jr. to the Atlanta Braves. These rumors have made me quite nostalgic. You see, back around 2000, Daniel and I used to play the 'what if' game about Junior. Mainly, 'what if' we could somehow get Junior and pair him in the outfield with Andruw. Eventually we came up with the idea that you could just play those two in the outfield and have a 'short fielder' much like in sotfball. Someone who plays on the OF grass just behind second base. This would basically stop anyone from stealing, cut down on the number of infield hits as well as the number of grounders making it through entirely. It was our brilliant idea and our eternal hope.

Now here we are, Andruw-less (thankfully) but with the prospect of getting Junior to call The Ted home. I am here to say: let's do it!

Sure he is aging. He isn't the defensive player he used to be nor is he the hitter he once was. However, he is perfect for the Braves.

Here's why:

-Bobby loves platoons. Diaz and 'The kid' are both amenable to playing in one.
-Griffey hit over .300 against the NL East last year.
-Warmer weather could lessen the injury risk for Griffey.
-Griffey could provide veteran leadership for a young team
-He could help our young left-handers develop at the plate (McCann, Kotchman, Johnson)
-He could play LF or RF (in case Francouer didn't just suck due to being a fatty last year)
-He WANTS to play in Atlanta

Sure there is an injury risk and no, he isn't going to give us a .300 average and 30+ homers. But he would be a steadying influence and a minimal risk for the club. At best, he boosts our offense and plays servicable defense while helping lead the club. At worst, he fills a gap while our young players get more seasoning (Schafer, Gorkys) in the minors.

I say get this done Wren!

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