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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Braves Infield Utility Players and Why the Hell is Norton Hitting?!

What is up with our utility players? They have been tearing it up... more so than anyone else in the lineup.

If you take a look at the Braves batting statistics, the top three hitters in terms of average are Infante (get well soon!), Brooks Conrad, and Prado. Granted Conrad and Infante have done it in very limited stints and Prado is now our starting second baseman, but still! Combine them all and you have a very good starter.

And then you factor in David Ross who has 11 xbh in only 104 plate appearances and you start to wonder: WHY THE HELL IS BOBBY STILL TROTTING OUT GREG NORTON TO PINCH-HIT?! I can't say anymore or I'll break my rule about only talking about hitters with an OBP higher than .350, but I'll just link to his playercard. It's scary...

On that note, I should mention that I'll probably be posting more about the Braves since we have more members of the .350 club. Since my last post Ryan Church, Martin Prado, Brooks Conrad, Yunel Escobar, and Casey Kotchman have joined Brandon Jones, Brian McCann, Chipper Jones, David Ross, Omar Infante, and Matt Diaz. If you put Church in center (where he was last night) and Brandon Jones in left (where he was earlier this year) that's an entire starting lineup.

I think my blog is inspiring the Braves, so I will continue to post.


MLT said...

Greg Norton is the epitome of terrible. The good thing is that once Kelly gets healthy, we'll probably bring him back up and let him be an utility player that can play the OF and IF if needed. He seems to be doing better in the minors.

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