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Monday, July 27, 2009

Upcoming Braves Schedule

I've always looked ahead at the upcoming pitching match-ups for the Braves. Sometimes if fills me with joy... sometimes with dread. This year has mostly been depression because I would love the pitching match-up for the Braves, but it would always come with the caveat that was the Braves' offense.

Now I look at the upcoming match-ups and smile. I feel like we have close to automatic wins against any pitcher that isn't an ace. Jurrjens vs. Ricky Nolasco? Feels like an off day. Vazquez vs. VandenHurk? Not a problem. Even when it's a tough match-up, I feel as though we have a chance. I mean if we can get runs off of Lincecum, why should I be worried about Kawakami vs. Josh Johnson or Jurrjens vs. Chad Billingsley?

Sure, the offense is not going to keep this many hot hitters at the same time, but at least I now have hope. Besides, Rob Neyer believes in the Braves' hitters. Of course he is a Royals fan... so one has to question his judgment somewhat...

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