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Friday, January 27, 2012

Downside of NBA League Pass

You have to listen to the home announcers for every game. I just finished watching the Hawks-Spurs game last night and the Spurs announcers were more like cheerleaders. I could feel my blood pressure rising.

Plus Sean Elliott clearly had not researched the Hawks this year. In critiquing Ivan Johnson's pick-and-roll defense, Elliott was making several valid points about how he shows for too long leaving the defense vulnerable to a quick pass to the big men. In making those points, however, Elliott attempted to contrast the age and experience of Tiago Splitter with the youth and inexperience of Ivan Johnson. This seemed odd since the two players are the same age (27). It became even worse when he kept saying that Ivan was fresh out of college while Splitter had international experience despite the fact that Ivan last played in college in 2007 and not only played in the D-League, but placed 3rd in the MVP voting last year.

Sean, it ruins your perfectly good critique when you don't have the right facts. It's like going to a great concert and having the fire alarm go off.

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