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Sunday, January 15, 2012

How my Fanhood has been Saved

Between NBA League Pass and DVR, I have been able to rededicate myself to the Hawks this season. I have not had time to consistently sit down and watch an entire games for many a year. Part of this comes from having a wife who does not watch sports, and the other part comes from moving to Jacksonville. Plus, as I get older I simply do not have 2 1/2 hours I can use for a basketball on a consistent basis. Thus, I was forced to look at box scores and highlights on

Now, however, the magic of the DVR can compress the average NBA game into a viewing experience of a little over an hour. Less if you fast-forward through free throws. Further, I finally sprung for NBA League Pass instead of only watching the nationally televised games and the games against the Magic and the Heat. This means that I now have lots of opinions about the Hawks and no one in Jacksonville to talk to them about, and, thus, the rebirth of my outlet for said opinions.

I know you're as excited as I am. And by you, I mean the people reading this. And by the people reading this, I mean me.

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