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Thursday, May 22, 2008


So can you tell that Chipper personally tries to destroy the Mets pitching staff? I mean this isn't at the level of 2001, but still. He went 1-2 with a homer and two walks last night. Just hope the pitch he took to his shin isn't serious.

If he has to miss any time, at least the Braves offense is starting to wake up. They have scored 6, 6, and 11 runs so far against a surprising Mets pitching staff (7th in the NL in ERA despite no Pedro and an only pretty good Johan). We'll see if this continues tonight against the aforementioned Santana.

On an unrelated note, my worst fear happened last night. I'm not exactly scared of heights, but any time I get close to those railings at Turner Field I get a slight sense of vertigo. I'm sure this story will do wonders for that! I just love this snipet, "alcohol may have been involved." Uhh... you think?

Friends don't let friends slide down rails drunk when the dropoff is 150 feet!

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