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Friday, May 9, 2008

What Would You Do?

Apparently Mike D’Antoni has a decision to make. This mastermind of the Phoenix Suns’ seven seconds or less offense is getting offers from the Knicks and Bulls to be their next coach. The Bulls have not put out an official offer, but for the sake of argument I’m going to assume that the Knicks are going to offer more money. They sure as hell offer more money to everyone else, so why not here too?

So if you were D’Antoni (nice mustache buddy, when did you grow that?), would you rather take less money and go to the Bulls? These are the hugely disappointing Bulls of last season with a roster that is one of the youngest in the league (Nocioni is the senior citizen at 28), which also means they are one of the more athletic teams in the league. The only frontcourt player that has a semblance of post game is Drew Gooden, who needs to be tied down and shaved for his own good. But they have plenty of perimeter players that have no conscience when it comes to jacking it up (I’m looking at you Ben Gordon!) Also the only really bad contract they have on the books is Larry Hughes.

Or would you rather go to the Knicks? This is a completely different team in that it has two post players who are legitimate forces on the block in Randolph and Curry. The bad thing is that they never pass, have high turnover rates, and only play defense when someone is trying to steal their food. They do, however, have some very good role players in Lee, Balkman, and Robinson.

I think this is an easy decision for D’Antoni. The Bulls’ young team with their athletic big men and shooters is a perfect fit for D’Antoni’s offensive schemes. Granted the Bulls don’t have a great point guard like Nash, but I guess Hinrich is a better option than anything the Knicks have. I think if D’Antoni goes to the Knicks, with the roster in the shape it is in, he will end up like Larry Brown: Fired with a bad reputation.

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