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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Matt Ryan and Why I Like Him

At this point the draft has come and gone and all the draft grades have been written to never be looked at again. So it's time for me to explain why I like the pick of Ryan.

Here it is: Because it's who the Falcons selected. I know that seems trite but it's really the state of being a fan. You like who the team brings in until they have a chance to prove themselves. There is no point in second guessing or speculating "what if". Ryan is OUR QB of the future and I need to get on board. In a way, we should almost be like kids again; rooting blindly for our team and supporting their choices on personnel. At least until they do something stupid like hire a prostitute the week of the super bowl, finance dogfighting rings, etc. So I'm a Matt Ryan fan now and will be. At least until we find an actual skeleton in his closet.

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Daniel said...

I do like that black jersey.