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Monday, September 8, 2008

Apparently He Has Docs on the Bajingo Hall

From Peter King's MMQB:

"I tried to apologize to him,'' Bernard Pollard said over the phone from Foxboro. "But I'm not sure he heard me. He was screaming.''

If you watched even 30 seconds of sports coverage yesterday you probably are aware the Pollard accidentally rolled up on Tom (Jan) Brady's knee and Brady is likely out for the year with a torn ACL. Instead of understanding he plays a violent and physical sport, however, Brady was determined to prove to the world that his time in the spotlight has made him a little bitch.

When Trent Green got KFO (knocked the f- out) last season he didn't blame the other player. Every week a lineman goes down with an injury like this and no one bats their eyes. Reporters say "it's a part of the game" and the players agree. Unless you are Brady. Then you should get to wear a green jersey and never be hit.

Pollard went on to say:" It was an accident. It's tough. It's football. I'm sorry it happened, obviously. I can't do anything but apologize to him."

He could have said "tough shit, that has happened to just about every player ever. I guess he didn't learn what happens on the field while riding the bench at Michigan. Ask Rodney Harrison how often he's done it to other players, then get back to me." But he didn't. That makes him a nice guy in my book.

We should all thank Brady who has proven that Boston sports are the new New York sports. Congratulations, you're whiny, petulant, little bitches. You earned it!

re: the image. it's a picture of a little cat and he's done for the night! look at that visual metaphor!

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