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Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Schedule Begins

There haven't been any posts about the Dawgs so far for a couple of reasons. The first is that we had yet to encounter what I could call a serious enough challenge to merit posting. The schedule thus far has required only that we play with mediocrity to win. We've played to that level or better so far and head in to our actual schedule 4-0 and are facing real challenges for the first time. The second reason is that there is no glory in beating who you should beat. You simply throw it in the W column and move on.

So Saturday our schedule begins in earnest. We face an overly cocky Alabama team on Saturday in the Classic City.

Here is why I'm not really that worried about the Crimson Hefelumps.

(a) We beat this same squad last year in OT at their place at night on ESPN

(b) We've improved on both sides of the ball particularly at WR, LB, DB since we last played them.

(c) We will be jacked up from having ESPN Gameday on campus for the first time in a decade

(d) We will be jacked up from playing a night game at home

(e) We will be jacked up because of the Blackout

(f) We will be jacked up because their coaches are idiots and mocked our Blackout

(g) They can't throw the ball and we can stop the run

(h) Our game plan last year was to slip/screen/bomb them and it worked modestly. With an obviously matured MoMass and super-frosh AJ Green along with a much smarter and developed QB we're going to take chunks of yardage at a time.

(i) Saban will try to change up and Knowshon goes wild in the 2nd half.

(j) JPW will choke and throw two easy picks. It's just what he does.

(k) I was able to compile 10 reasons why I'm not worried without thinking too hard...


mccargo said...

Mr. Cody will be the changing factor from last year. He will be in the backfield all night.


MLT said...

wow. he looks like a remarkable fast fat man in practice. . .