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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vince Young Loses Mobility Due to Aching Vagina

According to ESPN , Vince Young is hurting inside and out and it's making him feel sad and he doesn't want to play anymore. Apparently when the going gets tough, VY gets going. It must be tough to play QB and have to be accountable for team leadership, knowing the playbook, scouting teams, and not turning the ball over twice as much as you score. I'm sure he longs to go back to UT where he could just run around because he was way more athletic than 80% of the people he was playing against.

The Titans, for their part, are pretending that they care. I'm sure it has more to do with them selecting him so high in the draft than it does him actually being needed on the field. After all, Kerry Collins led them to a win this past weekend once VY's Bajingo started bleeding.

This story comes after he insinuated he was ready to retire in the spring. It's pretty telling that he's a little bitch when reporters are interviewing his mom about his mental state. To hell with the pocket protection, he needs a womb.

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