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Monday, October 1, 2007

Falcons quick recap

I'm sure all the pundits were hoping Schaub would ride into town and rip apart Atlanta's secondary so they could all say "I told you so". Well, he didn't. Other than throwing a bomb over Lewis Sanders (who looked like he was still playing for the Texans), Schaub wasn't really all that effective. His numbers don't tell the whole story. All afternoon he looked content to dump the ball off to his tight end for short gains, really not moving the chains all that efficiently. Overall, he was clearly outplayed by JJ Harrington.

Harrington, on the other hand, looked a lot more relaxed. He seemed to focus on getting the ball out and letting the recievers do the work really seemed to give him confidence. Crumpler was bowling folks over and Jenkins did his best Cris Carter impression. Dunn did his best Thomas Brown impression while trying to hold off the young speedster one more week.

The media coverage sucked the teet of the Texans all afternoon discussing how "banged up" they were. Look, missing Andre Johnson is a big deal. Missing Ahman Green in 2002 is a big deal, but this is 2007. He doesn't matter anymore. The Falcons were missing their #1 and #3 DTs, they played a rookie 6th round draft pick all game and got good production from him. Another rookie, Stephen Nicholas (4th round pick from USF) got a good amount of playing time and showed the rare (for a Falcon LB) ability to both swarm to the ball AND take down the ball carrier.

Overall, the Falcons played a pretty complete game. I think Hall sitting during the first quarter combined with watching his replacement give up a long TD put things in perspective for him. He shut down Davis after that (not exactly a challenge) and we didn't see much of him all game (which is what you want out of your CB, I never want to see them on camera because it means they're getting thrown at.) I saw way too much of Lewis Sanders, however. I think the seat he's been keeping warm for Houston is warm enough. I can't see how putting Houston out there will make us any worse off, and it will only improve us in the long run.

We don't need the Brohm watch, but here it is anyway. He had an easy week vs. NC State, going 20/33, 250yds 1td/1Int. For the year he has completed 322/482 (67%) of his passes for 4675 yards and 16 TD against just 4 INTs.

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