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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ugh x2

When your defense forces 5 turnovers, a 35 QB rating by the opponent, and holds them under 100 yards rushing you should probably win. Right? Right!?

The only defensive player who didn't have a good game was Abraham, who just couldn't get on track and seemed tired the entire game. Stellar efforts from Boley and D. Hall kept the Titans from moving the ball (and maintaining possession as well). D. Williams got into the act late with a big interception and a HUGE tackle on the punter. Defensively, it looked like we had seen a QB like Young a lot in the past. I wonder why? We rushed the edges to keep him in the pocket and force him to beat us with his arm. Unfortunately, our LBs and DBs didn't have the running room to return all of his picks for TDs.

The real problem today was that we were unable to do anything offensively. We couldn't run, we couldn't pass short, we couldn't pass deep, we couldn't throw screens. If the game called us to take a knee, we probably would have screwed that up. Harrington looked rattled from all the hits he was taking. Petrino decided to roll the dice and put in Leftwich. He proceeded to throw everything about 10 yards above his targets and ended the game by getting shoelace sacked. Keonen and Methuselah couldn't make their non-chip shot FGs and that ended up being the difference (it's gunna be nice next year when Coutu is nailing those 47 yarders for us!) For another week, Dunn looks Dunn. Excuse me, done. Norwood got a little momentum after his first long KR and moved the ball a little. We need a big back who can plow for a yard or two when needed (has anyone heard from TJ Duckett???). Trying a flip play on 1st and goal from the 1 was only necessary because we don't have a road grader who can hold onto the ball.

Haynesworth was ridiculous all game. When he leapt over the G/C to bring down leftwhich and cause a 8 yard loss, I was in awe. I've never seen a DT jump over the O-Line to make a stop like that. Too bad I was rooting for the Falcons.

Petrino seemingly made up his mind and will be switching to Leftwich. The problems Leftwich had were those of timing and "feel". Getting the workload in practice should help to remedy those issues. Leftwich doesn't seem to fall away on his throws the same way Harrington does/did. Leftwich has vastly superior arm strength. At times it seems like Harrington just can't get the ball deep enough and coordinators are taking notice and playing more under coverage.

Wayne Gandy left on the cart with a knee injury. Let's hope it's not serious.

In league injury news, Trent Green took a knee to the helmet while trying to block and had to be carted off the field. I know they can't do this, but the league shouldn't let him back on the field. It stinks that he has to go out this way but having this happen two consecutive years should be terrifying to him. That said, what the hell is he doing try to block down low? Hey, Trent! You missed last year with Post-Concussion Syndrome from getting NAILED IN THE HEAD! I want to have sympathy but he's making it tough.

At least UGA didn't drop out of the polls. I guess that something to be happy about this week.

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