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Monday, October 22, 2007

2008 QB Preview Show! (I know it's still 2007!)

Leftwich looked good until he "Leftwiched" with an ankle injury. See ya in 6 weeks! Prior to getting rolled up by an underrated Saints D-Line, Leftwich was firing missiles and the recievers were surprisingly hanging on to some of em. The offense would work methodically down the field when Norwood was in but we just couldn't finish them off. Once Leftwich rode the cart into the sunset, Harrington stepped in and did about the same.

The main problem for the offense (aside from the QB switch and the Offensive Tackle issues) is the playing time granted to Horn and Dunn. Both are glorified coaches at this point. Neither is able to reliably contribute. Horn's once "crisp" routes are now slower and he has no ability to stretch the defense deep. Dunn seems content to turn his back at the first point of contact and fall down for that "extra" 1 yard. Too bad he has no burst either laterally or through the hole, ending up getting his "extra yard" at the line of scrimmage. The tackles didn't do a horrible job, even without much help from TE and/or RB chip blocking. Robinson continued to impress with a highlight catch and Roddy White's emergence is setting up the WR position nicely for the future.

Which is what this team looks like it's playing towards. At 1-6 Petrino is intelligent enough to understand that this season is effectively over and he's looking towards development. Hence Leftwich getting a look. In the end, I don't think it matters who plays QB this year. We've locked up a top 10 draft position and sights are likely set on a QB from a major Kentucky school.

Brohm: 68% completion 3000 yards 24TD/6 Int. Won-Loss isn't his fault. He doesn't play defense. Completing almost 70% of his passes for well over 300 yards and 3TDs per game as a senior is astounding. Injuries are the only concern for Brohm as he's missed significant time throughout his tenure.

Woodson: 65% completion 2200 yards 26TD/4 Int. A huge quarterback with a great arm and impeccable touch. A little scattershot at times. A great leader who knows how to rally a team and how to come from behind.

I know it's a little early to preview QBs for 2008, but these are the two with whom Petrino is most familiar, and lets face it, I need something to give me hope at the moment.

On a good note, Teblow is going to miss some practice and all contact drills this week because his coach decided to ride him like a circus pony all year. Who knew that a 19 year old in his first year as starting QB couldn't be 75% of his teams offense without it taking a toll. For the first time, I'm not too worried about the game. All the pressure is on Florida's side and they are coming off a physical game in Lexington. It's gunna be a good one to watch on the River this weekend!

p.s. sorry for the delay in posts. was out sick. I'll be at the game so likely no posts Thurs-Sat.

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