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Saturday, October 6, 2007


I didn't want to post about the game but figured if I didn't vent I might explode and run over the next idiot wearing orange I saw. I don't even feel like watching Florida get destroyed at this point.

Offensively they stunk. Bobo waited too long into the game to start calling screens. It had worked all year for them, but they seemingly forgot that and want to point our 180 lb backs up the middle repeatedly. Stafford was a little off early on but his recievers did a piss poor job (as usual) of helping him in any fashion. This is the third year in a row they haven't had a single reliable reciever, perhaps it's time Georgia lets go whomever is coaching them because things like "catching" and "running routes" seem to be missing. But hey, at least they block well down field. Let Israel Troupe play, already.

The defense couldn't stop Foster if they had 13 men out there. The DBs were constantly sucked to the line and consistently out of position for cutbacks and stretches. Prince Miller continued to play the Lewis Sanders school of Cornerbacking where you stay 2 yards off your man so he can catch it and you can get the easy tackle. Kelin Johnson looks done at Safety. He isn't a hard hitter, he can't help in coverage. What exactly does he do out there? The D-Line is just way too small. It's one thing to be small at end or have quick DTs but having every position underweight leads to teams running up the gut on you (see BJGE from Ole Miss).

But hey, the O-Line looked decent in pass blocking. That's always good.
And apparently opposing teams are terrified of Mikey Henderson. That's nice. Too bad they couldn't make UT punt when it mattered.

The trick play just happens. I can live with that. Overall it was just embarassing. I'm glad this is a rebuilding year for us and these things can be tolerated. It's a learning experience for Stafford, Moreno, the entire O-Line, the secondary, and our WRs. I'm glad they are all young. Maybe this makes us more of a sleeper and we can upset the Florida Tebows. By the time our game with them rolls around, Meyer will have worn him out.

Falcons vs Titans can't come soon enough.

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