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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Now back to your regularly scheduled program

Some quick thoughts on this weekend/week.

UGA dismantled UF's vaunted offense and was in control the entire game. The only major mistake being Stafford's throw (to avoid a safety) that was picked by some Frenchman for 6. Aside from that (and Tebow apparently being too injured to run anyplace other than the goal line), the Dawgs steamrolled the Gators in J-Ville. Moreno carried the team with his 33 totes and almost 200 yards. Stafford was efficient and showed good touch on his deep ball. Figgins caught a key first down (that Tripp would have certainly dropped). The best part is all these players (along with most of the O-Line) are underclassmen. That being said, something has to be done with our KR/PR. Hopefully Mikey can get healthy and get back there, because Asher Allen has absolutely no burst. We'd get the same results by putting Brannan Sutherland back there. Defensively, Rennie Curran was everywhere and no one got by him. Reshad Jones finally delivered both big hits and decent coverage. They're both Freshman as well. We missed picking up their RB out of the backfield on wheel routes which could be a problem, but nothing that gametape and practice can't fix.

It was strange not seeing Coutu out there for 2-5 FGs during the game. But I don't think he minds too much. I won't even touch the field storming controversy other than to say that we took our punishment and didn't harm anyone. Time to move on!

No Falcons loss this weekend means no Falcons update or 2008 QB watch. (Which is good because Andre Woodson metaphorically pooped himself).

The Braves traded Renteria to the Tigers in a homecoming of sorts for Leyland/Dombrowski/Renteria. We neglected to tell the Tigers that they are getting old Renteria not 1997 Renteria. Renteria, while a good player, will only be worse in the AL than he was in the NL especially one year older. Add that to Guillen switching to 1B (where he is inferior defensively) and this has all the makings of a sieve in the Tigers IF defense. We got a pitcher (Jurrjens) who doesn't throw too hard (93) but has control. He'll compete for the 4/5 SP slot and can't be much worse than JoJo/Chuck. We also picked up a speedy 19 year old CF prospect in Gorkys Hernandez. This has to be step 1 in Wren's plans because at the moment our minor leauge OF prospects are pretty deep: Jones, Schaffer, Lillibridge, Heyward, and Hernandez. Only Jones and Lillibridge are close to ML ready. It appears that we are getting ready to turn some of this depth into a SP. My hope is for some sort of Lillibridge/Prado/JoJo for Blanton on the A's.

Hawks tipoff is at the end of this week. The first 6 games are a doozy (Dallas, Detroit, NJ, Phoenix, Boston, Washington). If we can win 2 of those I'd be content, 3 and I'd be pretty excited. It'll probably be 3 or 4 weeks before we can really get an idea of how good this team is/can be. The main focus now is to see if the Hawks can sustain the uptempo pace that the coaches are looking for (and that the coaches stick with it). The 7-1 preaseason looks good and is a testament to how deep the team is from top to bottom. Too bad Mike Hampton, I mean Speedy Claxton, will be suited up in Armani instead of Reebok.

I'm looking forward to the 11/16 game vs. Seattle. I'm hoping to go as I'd get to see (a) a Hawks win and (b) Durant in person. Both would be very enjoyable.

That's all for now. Dawgs get a breather against Troy on Saturday, Falcons take on old nemesis San Fran in what could be the worst game of offensive football in the last decade. I'll be watching with fingers covering my eyes. Hopefully Norwood can pull a Moreno at some point and make this RB by committee thing go away.

That's all for now!

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