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Friday, August 29, 2008

From Jason Stark @ ESPN:

One more time: Meanwhile, friends of John Smoltz and Tom Glavine continue to report that both want to return to Atlanta next year for low-guarantee, incentive-packed deals as long as it's even remotely possible for them to pitch. In part, it's because they feel remorse for collecting $22 million this year and contributing just five wins and 18 starts. But in part it's also because these guys are such good friends, they feel as if they were cheated out of one last season of playing with each other. And they'd love a mulligan, in more ways than one. "If they want to come back, and you're the Braves," one NL executive said, "I don't know how you would say no."

That is wonderful news. So not only does it look like the braves will have a little cash to play with (due to the ending of the contracts of Smoltz, Hampton, Glavine, Tex, and Kotsay as well as the insurance payments on Hudson's contract), we will likely have the chance to bring several of those pitchers back at significantly reduced salary. I wouldn't discount the notion of Hampton doing the same. He seems like a reasonable fellow by all accounts and has been pitching fairly well (8 IP 3 ER his last start).

Perhaps we can get all three back next year for a total of $15-20 million (which would be 17-22 million less than this year). This would give us added pitching depth which could allow us to bring along the Medlens, Hansons, and Osunas of the minor leagues a little slower.

Here's to hope!


Daniel said...

Do you remember the contract that Hampton signed that is now expiring? And why do you think he's reasonable?

Daniel said...

But that is great news. I was getting depressed thinking about us throwing our Jurrjens and the poo-poo platter.

MLT said...

Because the Braves stuck with him. Look, if a team was gunna throw $100 million dollars at you, would you say no? It's not like the Rockies were showing any unwillingness to keep spending.

I'd also like to see some returns for our patience and maybe him coming back next year and being an insurance policy (and trade bait) could be enticing.

When will we shut JJ down? He looks tired and I'm worried about him. . .