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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"This I Believe" Falcons Preview

I'm excited about the Falcons season. No joke here, I'm actually excited. Of course I love watching young, rebuilding teams. Something about looking at all the potential and seeing it gradually fall into place just makes me want to watch a team more than an aging, average one that will win 7-9 games.

On offense, I believe the biggest question mark will not be Ryan, but rather our offensive line.
I believe, however, if they are able to make some holes for Turner and Norwood, and if they are able to keep Matt Ryan in one piece, then the Falcons offense could surprise some people.

I believe those are some big ifs...

I believe that Matt Ryan will have an average statistical year, but he will make leaps and bounds in becoming an NFL QB and, more importantly, he will further solidify his status as a leader of the offense. He's already got his receivers pointing at him after they catch scores.

I believe that the combo of Turner and Norwood will gash defenses for close to 2,000 yards, and Turner especially will take a ton of pressure off of Ryan.

I believe that our receivers will continue to mature, led by Roddy White who will be noted more for his stats this year rather than his choice of uniform accessories.

I believe that no one in our secondary could start for any other team.

On that note, I believe that our secondary will give up a ton a big passing plays, but they will improve as the year goes on.

I believe that we could get a good pass rush from DEs Anderson and Abraham if Abraham stays healthy for 16 games.

I believe Abraham will get hurt.

I believe our linebacking core is deep and talented, and that Boley and Brooking will be able to protect whichever middle linebacker plays between Taylor and Lofton.

I believe resigning Grady "Fat" Jackson (note: not his real nickname) was one of the smartest offseason moves for the Falcons.

I believe that signing Jason Elam was another great move this offseason as he will win 2-3 games for a Falcons team that will grind out every game and every possession they have.

I believe the Eagles (if McNabb is healthy) and the Chargers are the only teams that scare me on the Falcons schedule.

I believe the Falcons will win 6 games.

This I believe.

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Daniel said...

Wow... how good do my predictions look after the first game?