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Thursday, August 7, 2008


This is maddening.
The Hawks finish the season on a high note: pushing the champions further than anyone thought possible, establishing an actual home court advantage, and all with an incredibly young core of players. And how do the Hawks celebrate the off season?
By being the only team that can't keep their non-European player from leaving the country. (Still love you Chill)
By low balling their second best player; a young player who craved attention and praise (see his trip to Philly), but instead the Hawks gave him the middle finger.
Basically by taking any credibility the franchise had gained in the playoffs and flushing it straight down the toilet.
The Bulls can get it done.
The 76ers can get it done.
The Warriors can get it done. Twice.
Hell, even the Bobcats can get it done.
The Hawks? Not so much...
And Sekou reports that we refuse to offer Josh more than $9 mil/year even though everyone else in his draft class is getting about $12 mil/year.
Give him his due, and give the fans something to be happy about again.

1 comment:

MLT said...

no comment.

okay, maybe a comment:
rick sund is an idiot
"atlanta spirit" is the biggest oxymoron I've ever seen--"penny pinching dickheads" would have been a better name for this ownership group.

Where can I buy a Childress Olympiakos jersey? (seriously)