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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Falcons Should Trade for Favre

Hear me out on this one. Favre wants out of Green Bay. Green Bay would like Favre gone but wants something in return. Green Bay doesn't want to trade him to the Vikings (which is supposedly where he wants to go).

So what is precluding a team from trading for Favre and then spinning him right back to Minny? We have the cap space to absorb him for a day and then ship him right back out. We could probably net ourselves a 3rd round pick by expending a 4th round pick to get Favre here.

Now, there are potential problems: namely, getting Favre to agree to come here. A quick line to his agent should be able to clear that up.

We'd be effectively deciding not to deal with GB ever again because they would want nothing to do with us after we did something like this but it's a business and they should understand that.



investing stock market advice said...

wow, very special, i like it.

Ben said...

Has that ever been done before? Just to get someone to where they want to be? I would LOVE to have him in MN!

MLT said...

it's been somewhat done in Basketball (Rasheed to Atlanta for a day).

He's got too powerful of a voice in the locker room in GB to just sit. He'll poison the team if he does.

Daniel said...

Well he's not just sitting. They asked him to leave. They know if he's sitting there it'll put an absurd amount of pressure on Rodgers.

ben said...

Well it's all over now. I wonder if Kellen Clemens will get to start again. HA!

ben said...

I figure that there was a catch. Green bay has a clause that if any team re-trades him, it will cost them 3 first round pics. would have been nice.

MLT said...

wow. i didnt see that clause. where did you see that?